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What to Consider When Looking for The Perfect Vacation

These days when people want to vacation abroad, they find that there are just so many options to choose from. Not just the amazing array of destination options, but also varied accommodations to be found at various price points. Once you narrow down to a destination that will provide you with all the attractions you desire, you need to settle on your accommodation choice.

The accommodation you will choose will become the base you operate from and in many cases, where you will spend most of your downtime, just relaxing. Make use of this handy checklist to help determine what accommodation will make for the ideal getaway.

How to choose the right accommodation for your next vacation

Choose your experience

Some people travel on vacation to relax, while others want to visit cultural sites. Some want to indulge in the party scene, while others prefer retail therapy. Whatever kind of vacation experience you want to have, ensure that the accommodation you choose will make it easy to access the attractions you prefer. Too far and it can mean losing valuable travel time when travelling back and forth between your attractions and your hotel. Some options offer easy access to just about any relaxation or entertainment you are looking for. When you choose a beachside hotel on Patong Beach, you are assured you will either be a short drive or within walking distance of relaxing beaches where you can sunbathe, sparkling waters where you can indulge in high octane water sports, bustling street markets, cabaret shows, ornate Buddhist temples, and much more. This kind of accommodation is especially ideal if travelling as a couple, family, or group and there are different experiences that individuals would want to try. Take time to do a little online research. Visit travel blogs and sites to find out what kind of experiences other travellers have had with the destination you want to try. Not only can they reliably advise on what attractions are currently accessible, but they can also provide helpful tips like where you can find parking, what time of day there is minimal footfall, the best food stalls, and so on.

Consider your budget

Most people have limited funds they will want to spend on their vacation. The bulk of this spending typically goes toward airfare and accommodation. Consider how long you intend to stay at your destination and work out what kind of rate you can afford to pay. This will help in narrowing down your choices. Those that have smaller budgets can focus on cheaper options like homestays and hostels. If you have a larger budget to work with, then consider more upscale hotels and resorts.

Luxury hotels and resorts like Kudo Hotel remain a premium option as they often come with room service and other amenities that ensure you have a well-catered and relaxing vacation experience. Staying at a hotel or resort also ensures you can more easily cover food costs and if equipped with facilities like swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, and high-speed internet, do not need to stray far for entertainment.

If travelling as a group, be sure to focus on accommodations that can offer group discounts. This will help save money on accommodation and therefore leave more in your budget you can put towards other entertainment or attractions. Some resorts offer villa accommodation that can feel like you are renting a whole house. This can provide a more private space that may even include your own private deck, swimming pool and garden area.

Map your travel

If you tend to visit different locations beyond your hotel or resort, be sure to map them out and figure out what kind of transportation you will need. Many hotels and resorts will arrange for airport transfers and even shuttle rides to certain attractions in their locality. However, if they do not provide this or you want to operate on your own schedule, you should check to see what public or private means you can access from your accommodation, the travel time, and the cost.

If you plan on hiring a vehicle, you will need accommodation that provides safe parking. For public transport, you need to confirm how you can easily get to the bus stop or stations. You can even call the hotel or resort before booking to make such enquiries and work out how much of your budget will go towards transportation costs.

Check out independent review sites

While the five-star reviews on a hotel’s website may be genuine, you can never be too sure that it is not just marketing. Look up independent reviews and travel sites for a better idea of what to expect when you try a certain hotel or resort. Do not skip over a choice just because of one bad review. Look at the general ratings they receive as your guide and if the hotel or resort responds to a bad review and how. Sometimes it is not so much that they are getting negative feedback, but how they respond to it that will matter.

Be sure to use trustworthy booking sites like,, and Not only are you assured your personal and credit card information will be safeguarded, but you will also receive good support in case a problem arises with your booking. You can also opt to book directly with the hotel. In some cases, as with Kudo Hotel, the direct option can provide access to even better rates.

Try to book early

As soon as you can nail down your travel date, consider booking your hotel immediately. Waiting till the last possible minute may result in you finding your desired hotel or resort is fully booked. Especially during peak tourist periods. Booking early not only secures you the type of accommodation you want, but you may also be able to cancel your booking at no extra cost even as late as the day before your intended arrival on some booking sites.

Check terms and conditions

Before you confirm your booking, ensure that you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions that will apply. Pay special attention to such issues as cancellation policies, check-in and check-out times, and what amenities and facilities are covered by your rate. Some services you may think are included may actually be charged separately, like what often happens with minibars. That last thing you want is to realise your final bill is far more than you budgeted for.