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Parties & Events

KUDO Hotel & Beach Club is one of the Andaman Sea’s most trendy party venues & the hottest spot in Phuket. KUDO is the ultimate beach club venue, dedicated to creating unique lifestyle experiences at the ultimate party canvas at our exquisite beachfront hotel. With lavish facilities, captivating ambiance, and expert event planning, we redefine celebrations.

Whether it’s a glamorous soirée or a pulsating DJ event, our unrivaled setting ensures every moment sparkles with sophistication, making your visit to KUDO an unforgettable masterpiece of revelry & an ideal daytime destination to relax.

Kudo Is the best party place!

When the sun sets and Phuket’s comes to life, there’s only one place you need to be. Nestled at the crossroads of opulence and exuberance, we redefine the Phuket party experience. From stylishly designed beachfront outdoor spaces, to glamorous guests, to pulsating DJ sets, to exquisite cocktails, KUDO Beach Club is the epitome of tropical luxury. 

Whether enjoying a poolside cocktail, getting tanned in a cabana or enjoying a delicious meal at our sea-view restaurant, live your holiday to the fullest at KUDO. Relax by day and party by night with a unique lifestyle experience at a location which sets the stage for unforgettable revelry.

good music is the key to enjoy KUDO vibes

We have our own residential DJ’s and invite the best players to perfom at Kudo.

explore our party albums

Hangovers are temporary, but the memories live on! Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of joy and celebration, by exploring our exclusive, glamorous & exuberant party and event albums at KUDO Hotel, a unique and unforgettable beachfront location, where luxury meets lifestyle.

amazing setting is the key to enjoy KUDO vibes

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view upcoming events

Discover the exciting & exclusive upcoming parties & events at Phuket’s #1 Beach club. KUDO Beach Club is at the top of the list for anyone looking for amazing live DJ sets. Come and get your blood pumping, with lively music, dancing and more. Extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories await you at our unique beachfront location in the heart of Patong.

Enjoy a proper meal at Kudo while overlooking the stunning view of Patong Bay today!

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