Why You Need a Break (And Why The Beach is Perfect for Your Vacation)

   17 May 2022    |       Kudo Hotel

Everyone needs a break now and then, but many people don't use their vacation time. For any vacation, one thing is clear. It's essential to take a break from work, routine, and the stresses of life to keep stress levels in check. You are not avoiding your responsibilities when taking a break. If you know how to recognize when you need a break, you can plan it well, and it will refresh and restore you. We will talk about vital breaks, what happens when you don't take them, and some of the signposts you need to take a break.


What could happen if you don't stop?

The human body is made to deal with short periods of stress. When it lasts too long and we trigger the stress response repeatedly, it is called chronic stress. It can be from a stressful job or a relationship with a lot of fighting, leading to real health problems.

It can make you more likely to get things like frequent headaches, stomach problems, and high blood pressure. These can make you more likely to get heart disease or a stroke. When your “allostatic load,” or overall stress level, reaches a certain point, it can build up because you’re always ready to react.

At this point, even good things that take effort to enjoy can feel like too much.  You can’t respond well from a position of strength and wisdom. Instead, you act out of fear or on auto-pilot.


Do you need a break?

There are times when it’s clear that you need a break. Stress can sometimes sneak up on you. You might not always be able to tell when you’re getting too busy or burned out.

Everyone handles stress in their own way. This means that some signs of being too much are also very different for each person. But some common symptoms are valid in most situations.

If you’re feeling any of the following, you need to start making plans for some time off. This could mean going on a real trip or just staying home for the weekend to recharge.

Some signs include changes in how you eat, lack of faith in your work, and trouble focusing. Others report that they experience becoming sick more often and not having enough energy and drive.

Some others are:

  • Frustration
  • Being fuzzy-headed
  • Headaches or stomachaches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Getting high or drunk to deal with stress
  • Pulling away from friends, family, or workmates

It’s best to deal with stress before it gets too much. Taking time off, taking care of your mental health, and taking care of yourself regularly can help you do your best.

Experts say that these breaks act as preventive care. We need to do them regularly to deal with our stress and keep from getting burned out. The key is to make sure we don’t get to where we have to take a break.



What's good about taking a break?

Even shorter breaks (like taking an afternoon off) that give you some physical and mental space from the stresses of life can be very helpful. When you take a break, you might enjoy some of the following:

Less stress: You feel less pressure when you’re not in a mentally taxing place. But breaks are good for more than that. They stop the pattern of stress that can make you feel too much.

Rest: Trying to break out of the cycle of constant stress can help you feel better physically and mentally.

More focused thinking: Because a constant stress response can cause problems with creativity, memory, and other things, breaking the cycle of stress can help you think more clearly and be more creative in all parts of your life.

Heightened productivity: These can make you perform better at your job and be more emotionally available in your relationships. It can also make you more energetic with your family and be better able to enjoy life when you get back.


How to Stop and Rest

There are different ways to take a break if you need one. You can take a long and lavish vacation, a simple and relaxing one, or a short and sweet one. You can even take short breaks of a few minutes during the day to stay productive and avoid getting too stressed.



A vacation is a significant break in the classic sense, and many people don’t realize how important it is to take one. Because of this, many people don’t use their vacation days when they should.

The key to a relaxing vacation is to put rest and fun first when you go. Don’t overbook yourself with too many activities or bring an overwhelming amount of work. By the time you get back, you don’t want to feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

Many people think taking a break is too much work because they have to prepare to leave and then make up for the time they missed. Even though it may take some work, the benefits to your health and well-being will more than makeup for the costs.

It would be great to spend some time at the beach as this can be therapeutic. Aside from its many health benefits, you could create fun memories that you will take with you for a long time.



People are taking more and more staycations because they want to take a break but don’t have the money or time to go somewhere far away. The whole point of a staycation is to rest, relax, and enjoy your home, which you probably don’t do enough of when you’re busy and stressed out.

The key to a relaxing staycation is much like a relaxing trip: don’t do too much and don’t allow work to creep in. That means you won’t have to clean, work in an office, or take care of other regular responsibilities. You can go to a nearby hotel to make things easier, or you can turn off the phones and email and make an effort to play and rest at home.



Brief breaks

Sometimes, all you need to do to deal with stress is take a break long enough to break your stress response pattern. Then, you can get back to work. If you just need a short break, you can go hiking or biking, watch a movie, or even meditate for five minutes.

Spending time outside and exercising are also great ways to deal with stress. Adding these things to your short break, like going outside for a walk on the beach, will be beneficial for you.

If you would go on a vacation, you might as well go all out and look for the best hotel by the beach. This is an experience that will surely relax and recharge you.