The Best Ways to Host a Memorable Beach Party

   31 Jan 2022    |       Kudo Hotel

It is no doubt that summer is one of the best seasons for beach parties. These events offer a terrific way to spend time in the fresh air, eat delicious food, and bask in the warm weather.

If you want your beach party to be memorable for all the right reasons, you’ll need to plan ahead of time. This post contains one of the best strategies for throwing an unforgettable beach party.


#1 Don't complicate the menu.

Simplicity should be a priority of beach parties. People are mostly there to have fun, not so much to taste top-tier food. Therefore, you should not waste your time finding the most gourmet meals for your guests.


Rather, you should find tasty and filling food to keep people moving. Some of the best food you can serve include savoury meals that are easy to consume, like hotdogs, sandwiches, chicken, and even burgers. It would be best to also consider having tasty bite-sized snacks people can munch on throughout the party.


#2 Set up the best playlist.

Parties are mostly about music. Everyone knows that there will be no party if there is no fantastic playlist. When setting this up, you should first think about the duration of the party. You should have enough songs to cover the entire night. However, simply choosing songs is not enough to create the best playlist. You also need to strategise the arrangement of your songs. Most importantly, ascertain that all the songs you will be playing on the speaker are on par with your party’s theme.

Along with choosing the best songs is installing the best equipment. Find something that is wide-range, high-quality, and that can exceed the expectations of your guests.


#3 Themes or no themes?

Decor, invitation, and other aspects of your event will be based on your chosen theme. Thus, before throwing a party, you first need to decide if you will follow a theme or not. Of course, since the venue is at a beach, then you should stick with a topical theme. This includes skirts, umbrellas, palm trees, and bright colours.

However, you can also throw out the entire theme idea. If you’ve chosen your location wisely, the beach should give all of the thematic features and set decoration you could want. Having no theme will allow for more freedom and creativity for both you and your guests.


#4 Make sure the weather is nice.

Severe weather is the worst thing that can happen to an outdoor event. No one ever wants to party during a storm. Therefore, making sure that the weather is fine on the date of your party should be one of your top priorities.

You should also have a backup plan for beach parties. Coastal places and beaches may be highly unpredictable in terms of weather, and it’s rather surprising how quickly the temperature can drop once the sun sets. To avoid the consequence of sudden storms, it would be best if you had a second venue to keep the party going.


#5 Be accountable for the trash.

Everyone loves to party, but not everyone enjoys picking trash. However, as the party host, you should be responsible enough to avoid litter around the area. By grouping your tasks and concentrating on completing them one at a time, you can clean the beach immediately.

First, you can start with all the empty bottles, plates, and other utensils. This way, everything will go away neat and orderly. You should also put garbage bins where visitors will most likely gather. This will help you lessen the chances of visitors throwing away their trash elsewhere.


#6 Find beach-friendly decor.

Unfortunately, not all the trash can be accounted for. Therefore, you must choose beach-friendly decor that will not cause that much harm to our waters. The decorations define the mood of the party. They also enhance the location and make it appear more appropriate for the event.

Furthermore, you should avoid plastics, styrofoam, balloons, and the like. Instead, you should choose wood, rice paper lanterns, biodegradable confetti, and more. Choosing beach-friendly material can also be applied to your utensils, like using composite plates and cups instead of plastic.


#7 Serve the most refreshing drinks

Alcohol is a significant part of adult get-togethers. Not only does this often lead to greater fun, but it is an excellent instrument in starting friendships and relationships. Overall, it’s a safe bet to supply beer for your guests regardless of the type of party you’re throwing. You can also serve vodka and soda.

However, since partying can be tiring, you should also serve non-alcoholic refreshing drinks. Lemonade is one of the staples, and you cannot go wrong with them. Other common drinks you can find at parties include iced tea and kombucha. 


#8 Throw fun games

There should be other forms of entertainment other than music. As the party host, it would be wise if you also throw fun games. You can have a bonfire for a round of truth or dare, a couple of tables set up for beer pong, and many other games.


Are you planning to throw a beach party?

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