How To Have An Excellent Beach Vacation In Thailand

   06 Dec 2021    |       Kudo Hotel


It seems everyone’s dream vacation is to have a week-long getaway at the beach. It doesn’t matter where you’re from; the sea seems to call everyone. Phuket, Thailand has several beautiful beaches that tourists would find fascinating. It’s a tropical paradise where you can relax and enjoy the heat! So, make the most of your vacation time and hit the beach! Just remember to book a good quality hotel so your trip will be comfortable.


Why Is The Beach Good For You?

The beach always brings a happy and relaxed feeling to people. It’s the perfect place to escape for a week or two.

Being at the beach can have positive effects on your mental health. Here’s what happens:

1. Blue makes you calm

Staring at the cool blue of the water and sky can change your brain waves and make you feel calm. The color might even give you a spike of creativity.

2. The sounds destimulate your brain

The smooth ebb and flow of the waves, partnered with the clear scenery can stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. This allows your body to slow down and feel more relaxed.

3. The ocean breeze has negative ions

The oxygen atoms in the sea air have an extra electron and when you breathe it in, you feel calm and soothed.

4. Sand feels good

Warm beach sand can make anyone feel fuzzy and comfortable. Sticking your feet in the sand can put you in a better mood. The beach stimulates all your senses, and spending time here significantly improves your mental and physical health.


How To Choose The Best Seaside Hotel


Your hotel can have a significant role in your overall beach experience, so it’s essential to choose the best..

1. Amenities

Make sure your bedroom is just as comfortable as the seaside. Check if the space is big enough and if it has basic facilities like:

  • A TV
  • WIFI
  • A minibar
  • An in-room safe
  • A coffee and tea maker
  • A bathtub or walk-in shower

2. Location

Why book a hotel that’s hours away from the beach? Find a place that’s just a walk away from the shore, and check if it’s close to beach events.

3. Food

Food can also be a huge factor in your overall experience. Check the kind of food your hotel offers, and see if they have customizable options for vegan or keto menus.

If you’ve booked at a foreign beach, check if the hotel also offers local cuisine. Eating this food will let you have a complete experience of this place.

4. Staff

Rude or unfriendly staff can ruin your vacation mood, so check that the place where you’re staying has good people.

5. Reviews

Reviews are where you can find the answers to all the questions above. You can see from the experience of other guests if a hotel provides good service to its guests.

Patong beach in Thailand has some of the best hotels you can find. The team here will make your vacation a pleasant experience.


The Best Hotel On Patong Beach


If you’ve got a beach getaway planned and you’re looking for a hotel in Patong beach, then Kudo hotel is the place for you to stay! This hotel is right in front of the beach so you can see the palm trees and beautiful sunset right by your window.

We have 26 fully furnished and spacious rooms. Our staff is friendly, and they will make you feel right at home.

Our hotel also offers a beach club where you can do other activities besides relaxing on the sand! You can chill by our pool, break a sweat in our fitness center, or meet new people in our clubhouse. We even have a kids club where your little ones will make new friends.

We offer some of the best dining experiences on Patong beach. We offer a variety of Thai and international dishes for you to enjoy. The a la carte breakfast menu starts at 7 A.M., and we have a pool menu you can enjoy while relaxing.

Kudo hotel is also one of the go-to event centers in Patong beach. We can host several beach parties, and we have our special Caribbean party, which we host every Saturday. If beach parties aren’t your thing, then maybe you would like a pool party! We host these gatherings in our infinity pool every Wednesday.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your beach getaway with us now!


Essential Things To Remember On The Beach

As with any other place, you have to be responsible when you’re visiting the beach since other people go there as well. Here are some points to consider during your vacation:

  1. A beach vacation is a perfect time for you to relax, but you also need to ensure you’re being a responsible guest. This attitude will make your vacation pleasant for everyone.
  2. Remember to keep clean. Don’t throw trash anywhere and place it in the proper rubbish bins.
  3. Stay safe; don’t bring weapons or fireworks to the beach, and don’t light any fires.
  4. Don’t disturb any wildlife. Thailand is a country rich in biodiversity, so if you see any sea mammals or fish in their natural habitat, try not to disturb them.

Now you’re all set to have your dream holiday with us! Call our number or visit our website to book your stay. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!