How to Enjoy Your Solo Beach Vacation

   30 Dec 2021    |       Kudo Hotel

Many people often envision a beach vacation as time with family and friends. The conventional thinking seems to be, the more, the merrier.

But loners are not the only people who enjoy their alone time. There are various reasons why even extroverts want to go to the beach alone.

Some would want a breather and have some quiet moments without thinking of their companions. There are those who need to clear their mind to think clearly about a significant decision they are about to make. Others, meanwhile, just enjoy the independence of travelling alone. For them, it is a liberating feeling.

But going to the beach solo can have a few challenges. You need to think about your things. What are you going to do with your camera, money, and keys when you go swimming? When you want to kayak or do water sports, you cannot just leave your things with anybody.

This is true whether you are on a secluded beach or in a popular resort like a hotel in Patong Beach. You need to consider this.

Here are a few practical tips on how you can enjoy the beach when you are travelling alone.


1. Bring a waterproof bag.

Going to the beach solo means that you have no trusted companions who can look after your things. A waterproof bag would prove to be a reliable tool for you in this case.

There are various sizes that you can choose from. If you are going on a boat ride and need to bring a few things like your camera, phone, and money, you may opt for a big one. But if you are going surfing and you just need to bring your key card with you, you may choose smaller ones with lanyards.

A lot of travellers swear by how convenient and effective waterproof bags are. Another plus point for them is that they are very affordable so you can buy them in different sizes.

2. Leave your valuables in your room.

Another option so that you won’t worry about your valuables is to leave them inside your hotel room. If the room has a safe, it would be better.

Before going to your destination, you may leave your key card at the front desk. This saves you a lot of trouble and worries.

3. Use spray-on sunscreen.

A serious concern for solo beachgoers is putting sunscreen on their back. Many find it awkward to ask strangers for help because they want to protect themselves.

The best alternative for this situation is to use a spray-on sunscreen. You can just spray it on your back, and you are set to go.

4. Go people-watching.

Being alone does not mean you are lonely. We all have different personalities, and some enjoy the experience of solitude. It gives them time to reflect, pray, and meditate.

Another activity you can do on your beach vacation is watching people. This exercise opens your eyes to how people move and react in various situations. You do not necessarily need to listen in on their private conversations. But merely observing others connects you with the rest of humanity.

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5. Join a group.

Travelling solo does not mean you will be alone for the whole trip. The good thing about it is that it gives you the flexibility to be in bigger groups when you need more human interaction. When you are already tired from being with too many people, you can again retreat to going solo.

Others befriend strangers; they talk to and listen to unique stories of the locals. If there are group tours, you may join those as well.

6. Catch up on your reading (or on your favourite TV series).

Our daily lives can get so busy with our work and family responsibilities. Every day, they keep piling on and on and on. We know how exhausting this can be.

The beach is the perfect setting, not just for swimming. Nothing beats reading a good book while you are by the beach, sipping some cocktails. This kind of break is a must for many stressed-out employees.


7. Go for long walks.

Walking is not just a good form of exercise; it is also a great activity where you can meditate while being active. Strolling by the beach during sunset is one of the best experiences one can have.

Walking will lead you to explore areas not on the usual tourist maps if you are up for it. You can discover exciting sites, food, and people when you allow your feet to guide you.

8. Swim in safe areas.

Since you are alone, swimming alone poses dangers. When you do not have companions who will keep an eye on you, no one will be able to respond when an accident occurs.

A good rule of thumb here is to swim with many people. If you can, you may also swim directly in front of the lifeguard on duty.

9. Love yourself.

Now is the perfect time to indulge in the things that make you happy. If there are activities you want to do or delicacies you wish to try, no one can stop you.

We are often used to having our friends and family around us. Because of this, we adjust based on their likes and dislikes. While this is not bad, it can also be draining. Once in a while, it’s good to enjoy only the things that give you pleasure.

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