7 Practical Ways To Enjoy Your Beach Vacation

   30 Dec 2021    |       Kudo Hotel

Yes, going on a vacation is supposed to be fun. No one would argue against it, especially if you spend your days just doing nothing, sipping your favourite cocktails. It always seems like a good idea for families, friends, and even co-workers.

But the truth is, going away for a vacation can also be stressful. For some people, just the thought of being in a new place with strangers can be mentally draining. Some are intimidated by the idea of packing things for a few days or weeks. The thought of forgetting something paralyzes them.

These are just a few reasons why some out-of-towners say that they need a vacation after going to one. 

But spending time for rest and recreation does not have to be stressful. If you plan early and stick to your timelines and budget, you will have a grand time. Remember, our bodies need time to recharge to perform at an optimal level in our various roles in life.

So how exactly can one enjoy their vacations? Here are a few fool-proof suggestions that you can apply when you go on your next trip to a tropical paradise:


1. Go all out with your outfits

When you are on vacation, you might as well go all out. It is not every day that you get to experience the sun, sea, and sand. You have to dress the part so that your emotions will respond to your new environment. 

Since you will go swimming for sure, indulge in quality swimsuits. It will boost your confidence if you choose pieces that you are comfortable in. 

You see, people respond to confidence. When they see that you feel good about yourself, they will notice. As they positively react to your presence, it will boost your self-esteem. It will build a positive cycle of good vibes as you spend time on the beach.

Bringing fun and comfortable outfits is not only for fashion. It is also for practical purposes. Wearing light material in a resort will ensure that you enjoy the heat. Obviously, if you wear long sleeves and a turtle neck, you will feel miserable as the weather in a tropical country is hot.


2. Relax, relax, relax

Since you are already on vacation, do what relaxes you. You do you. You don’t need to join every party or activity in the hotel. No one is forcing you to go to every flea market and experience an island’s nightlife. If you enjoy these things, it’s okay. 

But if you are the type who enjoys reading beside the pool, that’s great as well. Some people prefer quiet moments. Even if this may look boring and uneventful for some people, their opinions do not matter much. 

All that matters is that you can recharge in this new environment. 


3. Enjoy each moment

Sometimes, with all the excitement that’s going on, it’s easy to get carried away. Some people are always thinking about the next adventures, even while they are currently doing something fun.

This takes away the enjoyment you are experiencing with each new activity on the beach. If you are partying for the night, be fully present in the experience. Talk to people and learn their stories, dance with them. Savour each moment.

Of course, it is good to plan so you can prepare for any eventuality. This will also help you with managing your time and your budget. We are not saying this is not important.

All that we are emphasizing here is the value of being fully present in every experience. Allow yourself to be surprised by spontaneous detours along the way.


4. Try new experiences

A vacation is a perfect time to experiment in relation to our previous post. If you are not as adventurous in your daily life, take a step of faith and try new drinks or new sports. Ever wonder why bungee jumping is a big hit for those on a vacation? It is because they are more willing to be adventurous when out of their comfort zones.

This is a good thing because new experiences will teach you unique aspects about your personality. If you try something for the first time and do not like it, you can just charge it to experience. At least you will not have regrets later on. You can tell your future self that you permitted yourself to explore.


5. Indulge in local cuisine

Often, we can learn more about a new culture through its food than by learning about it from books. Local cuisines carry with them exciting stories as to how they came to be. There are also history lessons that you could learn about each dish.

You may not like all the flavours of each food, but even the mere act of trying them will also be good for your soul. This vulnerability will benefit you in the long run. In addition, you never know if you will like something until you try it. There are times when tourists find their new favourite dishes as they explore cuisines worldwide.


6. Do not bring work

If you are on vacation, maximize the time that you spend there. You only get to do this for a limited time per year, so leaving all your pending work behind would be best. This is your time to relax.

One way to ensure that you will have a good time is to book a reservation in a great beach area, like a hotel in Patong Beach. Make sure you factor in the amenities and location, as these are crucial elements in a fun tropical vacation.