5 Reasons Why Patong Beach Should Be Your Next Getaway

   06 Dec 2021    |       Kudo Hotel

Patong Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all of Phuket. Known as a party town, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit to experience its clear waters and nightlife scene.

This is why it’s not a mystery why Patong Beach always gets featured on travel blogs and magazines. It is even nicknamed Thailand’s “West Coast.” You can enjoy tons of activities at the break of sunrise and have fun with friends from dusk till dawn.

This beautiful 3-kilometer stretch of the white and golden fine sand island offers more than just its jaw-dropping appearance. After swimming during the day, there’s still a lot to do at night. You can go bar hopping, club dancing, enjoy cabaret shows, and have your body revitalized at massage parlors.

History of Patong Beach

Like other Southeast Asian nations, Thailand is located on trading routes between China and India. Phuket was a strategic location making it susceptible to foreign influences. Trading ships would anchor by the safe harbors of Phuket, wait for the heavy monsoon to pass, and proceed to their main destination.

Aside from being a trade capital, Phuket was also a quaint little fishing village. Before the 19th century, where tin & rubber supply was abundant, sea gypsies and pirates made their money through mining and trading pearls

Modern Day Patong Beach

Fast forward to the modern day, tourism in Patong beach boomed in the 1960s to 70s when backpackers saw the beautiful strips of sand. Crystal clear sea water and white shores are ideal for vacation. In the same decade, the government of Thailand facilitated building an airport.

Now, more than 3 million tourists visit Phuket annually. Patong in Phuket is now renowned as one of the most popular travel spots in Thailand, South-East Asia.

From a small quiet village, Patong Beach became a busy stretch of land. If tranquility is what you’re looking for in a travel destination, Patong Beach is not the choice during peak season. The southern part, however, is quieter than the middle central area of Patong.


What Makes Patong Beach So Notable?

1. The Tropical Ambiance of the Beach

Discovering Thailand’s culture is not complete without delving into the contemporary high-rise buildings combined with the beaches’ natural beauty. Despite what critics say, the lively atmosphere is what contributes to the popularity of the island.

At peak season, many tourists gather for festivals and crawl from club to club. There is a party extravaganza everywhere when you explore Patong. On the contrary, you will be surprised by the tranquility the beach gives when it’s low season.

From parasailing to go-karting, water sports activities await you. You might want to steer away from swimming in the central area of the beach because here is where most people stay.


2. Nightlife Scenery

Patong Beach is well-known for its exciting nightlife, as we have previously mentioned. People love the vibrant energy of the busy leisure streets outside the beach. The bright dancing lights and electro music will compete for your attention at the heart of Soi Bangla.

After sunset, the raging lights come to life. Street performances will entertain you with magic tricks, hip-hop, or cha-cha dancing.

Booze also comes in cheap price tags, so you will definitely have an enjoyable trip. In addition, there are unlimited nightlife spots you can go to get tipsy.


3. World-Class Accommodation

After exploring the island’s beauty, you may want to lie down in a comfortable bedroom. Patong has the best accommodations, from inexpensive to hostels to five-star hotels.

As Patong is the most developed among areas around Phuket, many hotels are waiting for you to stay in. Kudo Hotel is right at the prime beachfront location. Their design is ornate with the most exemplary contemporary architecture.


4. Shopping Experience

Partygoers who want to take their getaway to the next level flock to Patong. Aside from enjoying activities under the sun and dancing all night, it’s a great place where you can shop for souvenirs to take home with you.

Just a short walk from the shore, there are arrays of stalls in the street market. Don’t forget to bring home unique stuff with you. While it’s good to hold on to photos for memories, purchasing authentic Thai items is more fun.

After long strolls across the beach and night markets, there are also restaurants in Patong where you can try local and international cuisine.


5. Patong Beach Itself

If you feel exhausted with the hustle-and-bustle of office work and mundane everyday life in your hometown, then it is time for a shift in your sails. Patong Beach is situated in Phuket Island, where sunny and warm days are year-round. Monsoons occur from May to October, but rain showers only happen once or twice.

There’s more to the island than sunbathing on the white sands of Patong. You also get to meet all kinds of people.

If you have never been to Patong Beach, you might want to give it a go so you can have an incredible travel opportunity. You will surely have a great time, especially if you love a good balance of serenity and excitement. A night at a hotel in Patong Beach might be your cup of tea.

The main goal of most beachgoers is to relax and find peace away from the bustling city lights. Make Phuket, Thailand your next weekend getaway today!