4 Activities to Spice Up Your Beach Nightlife Experience

   29 Sep 2021    |       Kudo Hotel

A hotel in Patong Beach is not complete if it does not have access to unforgettable experiences within its vicinity. Even if the location is at the heart of Phuket, a great vacation will be more than just about the beach. People also expect lively social events where they can have fun with others in paradise.

But of course, first things first. You need a home base hotel that will cater to all your needs when you return from a night full of partying. Aside from the usual amenities expected in luxury accommodation, it should also have two important things: accessibility and security.

Obviously, a vacation means having fun morning, noon, and night. So you must be able to enjoy your hotel’s amenities and food, as well as the events in and around it. You must have access to the lit places in the area. They should be within walking distance or just minutes away from your accommodation.

Aside from this, it must make you feel secure through its caring and attentive staff. It’s most likely that there will be times you would have had too much to drink, and it would feel nice to know that even the attendants would take care of you.

So given these, what are the most happening activities you must experience in your vacation? Here are five of them:


1. Pool Party and Entertainment

Since it is still mainly about the water, you would want to party with others clad in swimsuits. So it would be great if your hotel in Patong Beach holds fun and crazy pool parties. This is an experience you can only have in a tropical paradise like Phuket. Who doesn’t love swimming and partying?

Of course, there should also be good music and cocktails. With these, you will surely have fun with your friends, along with locals and other tourists.

So you better make sure your hotel holds these parties or is near to places that offer them.


2. Live Music Bars

Another way to enliven your vacation is by visiting spots that offer quality music. It would be great if your hotel is near music bars. There is just an unmatched cool factor when bands play different genres of music and you hear them at their best.

In Patong, different show bands play rock, jazz, blues, and heavy metal. No matter what your taste in music is, the area has it. All that you need to do is show up, choose which bar you want, and listen.

Often, musicians will even oblige partygoers with their song requests. This is a fun addition to the experience as you may request your favourite songs. If it’s the birthday of one of your friends, you may request his/her favourite tune or a birthday song. Usually, those who request also give minimal tips.

After drinking one too many and you muster enough courage, you may even join them on stage and show your vocal chops. You do not even need to be an able singer. People won’t mind as everyone knows the night is just all about having fun.


3. Muay Thai

Patong Beach is also home to the famous Bangla Boxing Stadium. The arena hosts legit boxing matches, complete with titles and prizes. If you are into contact sports, you will enjoy this.

When you watch fights here, you will not only enjoy the sport, you are also participating in a Thai tradition and spirituality. Inside the gym, they play traditional Muay Thai music called Sarama.

Further, you will be able to watch their pre-fight dance which serves as a ritual that honours the fighters and their coaches.

If you are interested, you may arrive after dinner time to see younger fighters. The more experienced fighters, including foreigners, show up and fight during later hours.


4. Night Market

Your Patong Beach vacation is not complete if you do not get a taste of what the Thai night market is all about. So be sure your hotel is accessible or their staff can guide you to one. What’s nice about the night market is the variety and affordability of the food and shopping.

There are market stalls where you can pick fresh seafood and they will cook it on the spot for you. This can be a welcome break from the usual restaurants and dining places you are used to as it is a cheap and new dining experience.

You can also find exotic local fruits at affordable prices. Among the most popular are mango, dragon fruit, and snake fruits.

The night market is also home to colourful trinkets and souvenirs.



Phuket is a tropical paradise. To maximize your time on the island, you have to experience most of what it can offer. Once there, you must indulge in your guilty pleasures.

If you are into partying, you will have a great time as everyone is into that vibe. It seems like people are always in party mode, enjoying good food and drinks. Everywhere you turn, people just want to have fun.

As you explore the area, you need a relaxing hotel where you can recharge for your next adventures. You also need downtime when you can just sit beside the pool and read a book while enjoying cocktails.

Make sure your hotel can offer you all these. Here at Kudo Hotel, we can offer you the best of both worlds, with a vibrant nightlife scene and tranquil spots to just relax in peace.