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9 Things To Consider If You Want To Host An Incredible Hotel Party

We can all agree that hosting a party for family and friends is a lot of fun. This is an excellent opportunity to mingle with others and create the best memories.

One way to provide a unique experience while remaining stress-free is to host a party at a hotel. This ensures amazing food, drinks, and access to great views. With that, here are some things you should consider before you start planning for your hotel party.

#1 Who should be on the guest list?

There will be no party without good guests. If the event is intimate, your priority guests will be those close to you. Meanwhile, if it is a business gathering or office-related party, you should be there to impress your business partners and colleagues. However, if it’s for fun, get ready to give your friends or family a blast. Knowing your guest list will also help you plan the rest of the party, such as the activities, music playlist, and more.

#2 When to send out invitations?

We recommend invitations be sent four to eight weeks before the event. Remember that you should be considerate of your guests, so check to see if they need to travel, stay overnight, or if they need to bring things for the event. You should also send invitations early if the party requires a specific dress code to ensure all guests have time to plan and prepare.

Overall, do everything you can to guarantee that none of your loved ones misses out on the event.

#3 What are the hotel policies?

Since you will not be holding your party on your property, you should be aware of the different hotel policies. Specifically, you should know policies that you can take advantage of and house rules you should avoid breaking. Any violations and damages incurred during the party will be charged to you, and your liability extends to the actions done by your guests. Therefore, these house rules should also be communicated to your guests before you are in trouble.

#4 What theme should we choose?

Choosing a party theme is a fantastic way to tie all of your party’s features together. It’s also an opportunity to inject some excitement into the festivities. If you want your guests to have a memorable experience, choose a theme they can relate to. Some theme ideas you can use include Hollywood, Wild West, Carnival, and Coachella. Furthermore, make sure to properly fuse your theme with your menu, decorations, music, and dress code.

#5 Should we hire a DJ?

Music is essential at parties because it creates an ambience and helps attendees have a good time. When you have a professional DJ, they will know what songs to play at a specific event. This will help you blend the right music with the right crowd. Their varied range of music usually means that they can present a very diverse selection and help to appeal to the audience at hand.

#6 Should I hire a photographer?

The best way to capture iconic and memorable moments at any party is to have a photographer on standby during your event. A skilled photographer is always aware of the optimal moment to get the winning snap, so they will be in charge of taking pictures you can keep or post on your social media accounts.

#7 What drinks should we offer?

Of course, the type of drinks and number of glasses served will depend on the number of adults on your guest lists and the number of hours the party will run. Your goal is to make your guests have fun, not for them to get drunk. To avoid getting the crowd out of hand, you should also consider refilling only empty glasses. Also, make sure to offer snacks that compliment the drinks you serve.

#8 What decorations to set up?

Some parties become more fun with fun and creative decorations. You should make sure that the decorations go with your party’s theme. If you do not have enough time to set this up yourself, hire professional event planners to help you out. They will enhance the location and give you the most appropriate and suitable look for the event.

#9 What happens after the party?

Your responsibility will not end after the party because this is when you look after your guests. Make sure that they know how grateful you are for them coming. You can give them a small token with a thank you note as your guests leave. A simple but meaningful gift is all it takes, so it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

Planning a hotel party may seem overwhelming at first, but you can avoid a lot of the stress and hassle with proper planning. You should also make sure that you have a good team working with you to ensure all the tasks are done smoothly. Remember that a great party is where you enjoy and mingle with your guests rather than stressing about things around you.

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